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This needs to be finished this week so that we can continue adding voice-overs next week. When you have written your ‘script’ (which must be 3-4 sentences per slide) you can have a go at adding naration – INSERT AUDIO.

Story 1 – without a shell

Story 2 – zepplin 

Story 3 – chewing gum

Story 4 – bananas

Story 5 – a good education


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Roman research

BBC bitesize – Romans

Roman help


History for Kids

Roman Gods

Rome  for Kids – Mr Donn

There are obviously many, many other places to find out information about your topic area.

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My favourite clothing shop

My favourite clothing shop is TOP SHOP, ZARA, H&M and MATALAN. I always go there when ever we go to town.

TOP SHOP is my favourite clothing shop is because it has my favourite tops in like wow.

ZARA is my favourite clothing shop is because it has all of my favourite black and white patterned trousers.

H&M is my favourite clothing shop is because it has my favourite colourful shoes and boots.

MATALAN is my favourite clothing shop is because has the most fabulous  jackets and i wear jackets when there is party. Thxs for listening well reading my favourite clothing shops.

My shield

Last week, I made a shield and is was so muck much fun. My shield is said E.A standing for Esha Amjad it was purple, blue ,pink  and Red.It was really big and it was as tall as me. The shape was a square and it had a holder on the back made out of leather it was really smooth and soft. It kind of smelled like dry paint. When we first started we had to pick one colour for the bacl back round and I picked the colour blue because I thought it would look really nice with the colour blue and it did. After that, we could design our shiled  shield so I got a little plate and sticked E.A on it then I got 12 lolly  sticks and coloured them in with felt tips all in different colour then I stuck 3 on every side.

Esha shield

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  • First we put red cabbage in boiling water

First, we put red cabbage in boiling.

Next, we used a pipette te suck up the liquid then put it in the chemical.

Next, we used a pipette to suck up the liquid then put it in the chemical.


Finally, we did the same to all

Finally, we did the same to all.



The colours we got

  • Res
  • blum
  • greenm
  • pinkl
  • purpl

The colour we got:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • purple

The colours we got in order

  1. Redk
  2. Greenj
  3. Pinkk
  4. light bluee
  5. purplem

The colours we got in order:

  1. Red
  2. Green
  3. Pink
  4. Light blue
  5. Purple

Our science

The day before yesterday we put red cabbage and boiling water the next day we gave every one some of the red cabbage and boiling water.Then we got 5 tubes and we numbered them. Then we got some   chemicale chemical and Maxence  put it in the red cabbage water and guess what it turned Red . After Affan got another kind of chemical and put it in tube number 2 and it turned green. Next I got some chemical and I put it in and it turne  turned pink . Last but not least Marriyah go the last chemical and put it in the last tube and it was the same. I reallt enjoyed doing it was fun watching the colours change and putting all the chemical in the tubes.


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5 reasons why I’m exited for the weekend! by Skye


  • It’s my birthday!      I’m really exited for my birthday because I’m going to be Double Digits


  • I’m going on holiday to France for a whole week


  • I’m really , really exited to go to France because I’m bringing my dog


  • Also I really want t try new food (in France)


  • Finally the last reason I’m excited for the weekend is that I’m getting a NEW 3DS

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When I was at school we were coding with Mr Lyford and when i git home I went on the website  and I played the minecraft code but only got to level 4 build a house that’s my coding

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The HIGHEST day of the week by Aditi

Today in town, I went to the riverside and saw a new ride and it was I think trampoline jumping, I saw that it was open so I tried it and it was so much fun and I saw on top of the entire building? So I got to truthful here TRY IT BECAUSE IT FAB!!!🎉😍

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We are going to Hollywood!by Mahi (part 2)

T o be continue

”Mummy wake up wake up remember we are shopping in Targets and do something that everybody would enjoy remember? Admire yelled

”what, what is the hurry we still have a whole week to be in this area.”Her mummy said.

”yes i know i am just so excited that i am actually i am in Hollywood right now,and you know that this is the first time staying in a hotel.”admire kept on talking non stop.

”Admire how much are you going to talk in the morning how much are you going to talk since the evening my goodness sake”her mum was so tired that she couldn’t even open her eyes. Admire was ready like she was a celebrity.” Admire you do know that we are in Hollywood”her mum said.

”yes i know i am just so exited to look around a place that celebrity goes to.”Admire said.

”ok everybody time to wake up i will go to the bath and the it is your dads turn ok”her mum yawned.

”ok when you done wake me up.” her dad yawned after he said done. They all got ready and ate their breakfast. When they were finished they went outside of the hotel and started their adventure.”Mummy lets go to targets i heard they are very famous in America.”Admire said it like she was a baby.

”oh really then we will go to targets first then.”her mum said. Then they done what they wanted in theist few days and the adventure was over they had to go back home. They arrived at the airport and they take off. Went back home and the first thing the whole family did was sitting down. They went to sleep. The End.

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What I do when I’m bored :) by Aditi

So I’m not normally bored but in case I am bored,I will always follow the plan and when your bored you can do the same!!!😴

  1. Write stuff on the ORCS blog
  2. watch TV (that’s one of my favourites)
  3. go outside or go to the park to play
  4. play one of your games at home
  5. colour or paint
  6. if you’re a girl you can get dressed like do your hair maybe
  7. if your a boy you can play football
  8. watch YouTube
  9. go swimming
  10. and finally HAVE A WATER FIGHT!!! (and now that is my favourite!!! Because it summer obviously)☀️


ORCS Young Play Leaders

Job Description

We are looking for 10 enthusiastic children to become an Oxford Road Community School young play leader. You will be able to assist the adult Play Leaders with their jobs in the playground. You will help with equipment, ensure that all children have a safe playground to play in and most importantly make sure all children are having fun at lunch times!

Their role includes:

  • Putting out the correct equipment in the various areas of the playground at the beginning of lunch times
  • Ensuring all equipment is put back properly (and that it is neat and tidy, ready for the next day)
  • Organising the equipment so it is easily found and stored away
  • Moving equipment around to make the playground interesting each week
  • Helping the adult play leaders to sort out disagreements in the playground
  • Starting games with all ages of children in the playground
  • Being responsible and sensible at all times
  • Being a fantastic role model for the whole school


If you think you have what it takes to be an ORCS young play leader, write an application to Miss Duley by Friday 20th May. Mrs Hurst, Miss Duley and Monica will then choose four suitable children who will receive training to become a young play leader at our school.


Please speak to Miss Duley in year 6 for an application form.

My story

Once there was a little girl called Ella she lives with her mum and dad happily.But the one day Ella`s mum died and her father was very sad  he had gone really care less and did not even take care of Ella properly then one day at night he left the house and went somewhere Ella stayed there for one day until the old lady next door heard her crying after that she called the police and the police had to send her to a care home and it was called Benton wood she went there.All the people ther use to be so rude to her and use to steal her stuff because she had so many things the other jealous and greedy people wanted so they use to nick her stuff from her and when she would ask or tell them to give it back they would hurt her.

And then one day they hurt Ella so much that Ella ran away after a couple of days her dad walked past her and saw her he took her to his house and said to her that he did not mean to leave her and he was so sorry and he asked her that where were you ? Ella told him everything and then they got Ellas things back from the people who took them.After a couple of years they became rich and Ella`s dad had married again to a nice and caring stepmother whotreated Ella really nicely.

The end

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Wednesday 11th May


There is plenty for you to do on the netbooks today – I will be watching online! Mr L

You can try to beat your best score on Type Test, have a go at the Hour of Code (Star Wars, Art, Maze, Flappy, Frozen, etc.) or you could come up with a brilliant question for Louie Stowell to answer. There is also the opportunity to post on your blog …. remember the world is out there and it is your audience, if there is nothing to read they won’t come!


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My favourite game

My favourite game is called colour switch. There are genres call

  • CAVE
  • SPIN
  • LINE

My favourite genre is WHITE AND BLACK,SHOOT,BREAK,GRAVTIY AND LINE. SPLIT is quite hard so i am trying my hard to finish all of the levels

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Year 5 – today I would like you to test your typing skills for speed and accuracy using this website’s 3-minute typing test.

Have a go. When you have finished record your typing speed, number of errors andcalculated speed in your jotter.

Then your partner takes the test and records their results. Do not help or distract them. Then both do the test again and see if you do better (or worse!)

When you have both done the test twice – please put both of your results on the blog in comments.

We will leave this link on the blog for you to practice whenever you like.

Typing Test 

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My Holiday

Hi guys today I am going to tell you about my holiday which was for 2 weeks so basically first at the end of term so at the last day of school my cousins came as soon as the came to my house all 4 of us want upstairs [which were me my sister and my 2 cousin].Then I opened my computer straight away and then we listened to music at least for 1 hour. After that , we went down and ate our dinner which was good. Then, I put on a movie [The chronicles of Narnia] from Netflix when the movie ended we talked about things. When tomorrow came we all woke up and then watched another movies [Deep blue sea]and had some breakfast with it which was pancakes with chocolate syrup. Then, we went to town and all of us bought clothes, shoes and make up then we came back at night and then we watched a scary movies which was the boy .And then for the rest of the 2 weeks we had a lot of fun we went to funfairs out on dinners cinema  and lots of other places.

Thanks for reading!!!!!

We Are Going To The Beach! by Mahi

It was amazing going to the beach…… Oh hello everyone today I am going to tell you a story  about their family  going to the beach. Here we go.

Long long ago their was a young girl called Stacy and she had a brother a sister a mother and a father. Their were very posh even they wore posh clothes. After that they realised that they were so posh  that they thought why can’t they be cool for a week so they agreed. Also it was summer and the beach was right near our house so they thought why couldn’t they go to the beach today but it was nine a clock in the night. So they did’t go to the beach today they went to the beach tomorrow. They went to sleep early so they can go to the beach at ten o’clock and they don’t want to be late as well.They woke up early went to there closet and got changed and went in the car rapidly. They drove to the beach and has Stacy’s, foot touched at the sand first of all she made a fantastic castle. that she can make a castle that her brother and her sister can’t do. They ate there lunch and they washed there face in the water they all had fun and went back home. The End

We Are Going To A DJ Party! by Mahi

I just want to go to sleep now……. hello everyone who wants to hear a story about friends going to a DJ PARTY! Here we go.

There was a girl called Trisha and she is the only sibling in her family. She has a mother and a father that she really loved. She loved to go to party’s like a DJ party. Has she was eating her favourite lunch she had a text from her best friend. It said ”Trisha you really liked going to party then I  just found out that there is a DJ party in New York and we live in New York so it will be easy for us.” Has she found there is a party in New York she finished her lunch quickly and straight away went to bed. While she went to bed she went to her closet and she was looking at a beautiful dress and wore that dress and wore lots of beautiful clothes. She was ready and got a taxi and arrived at the DJ party. She danced and drank punch a lot I mean a lot. The party ended and had a lot of fun and went back home safely. The End.



Creatures that live in the Ocean

There is lots of animals that live in the Ocean I will give you a list of the basic ones

  • Clown fish
  • Crab
  • Squid
  • Seal
  • Sail fish
  • Walrus
  • Sea lion
  • Octopus
  • Turtle
  • Starfish
  • Whale
  • Jelly fish
  • Sea horse
  • Eal
  • Shrimp
  • Lobster
  • Oyster

Thank you for listening to what I know about sea creatures.


The Haunted House (story) by Mahi

I am so scared…….. Oh hello everybody today I am going to tell you a story about a teacher who pranked there whole class to go to a haunted house. Here we go

There was a group of friends called Louise, Jasmine, Sara, Charlie and Kapoor. They went to school and their teacher gave there whole class a target to go to a haunted house today. They reacted like there will be a storm coming , but Jasmine and Sara thought to be more confident and why can’t they go in the haunted house.The others was so scared that they refused to go but Jasmine and Sara made the other to come with them and they said ” fine i will come but i don’t know about the others”Louise sighed while she was talking.

”ok, I am ready to come”Charlie sighed as well while she was talking.

”me too I am ready to come as well”Kapoor sighed.

”girls do you know we are going to the haunted house today you know that, right”

” what, we are going to the haunted house today I am not ready, what about we go to the haunted house tomorrow,ok.”

”but guys the teacher said we have to go to the haunted house today.” The other felt scared and they didn’t want to go to the haunted house today they wanted to go to the haunted house tomorrow, but unfortunately they had to go today and the other were so nervous. Jasmine texted the others to come to her house and bring a lot of confidence I mean a lot. They all got the text and tried to bring comfidence but Louise couldn’t come because she was so sick that she needed to go to the hospital. ” bad luck Louise will not come with us well we can’t do anything about that so we have to leave her there. They went outside and went to google to find a haunted house but it didn’t say anything about it so they tried it again and it still didn’t say anything.

”how can that happened the teacher said we have to go to a haunted house, and if she knew there are no haunted house then why would she give us a target like that.” Sara got confused.

”it is very strange about what is going on.”Sara was still confused.

” wait, what if the teacher was messing around with the class.” Charlie said.

”well it is April Fool day, thats it the teacher was making us a fool and playing April Fool with us.” Kapoor whispered.

” what if she isn’t a teacher what she is a stranger.” Charlie got bit crazy there

”no no don’t she was a stranger I think she was playing April Fool with the class.”Sara said to Charlie.

” yeh your probably right.” Charlie said it was the morning and they went to school again and Sara said ” there is no such thing has haunted house you were playing April Fool with us is that right.”

”Sara that is right I was playing April Fool with you.” The teacher laughed.

”no teacher don’t laugh do you know where Louise right now.” Sara said

”no.” the teacher said.

” Louise is in the hospital because of your prank she was so sick that she needed to go to the hospital.”

”Oh i am so sorry Louise i didn’t know that.” the teacher went to the hospital and said sorry. The End.

We are going to Hollywood! by Mahi

I went Hollywood……… Hello girls and boys who wants to hear story that a their whole family is going to Hollywood. Here we go

Their was a girl called Admire and her dream was to go to Hollywood to meet Celebrity  like Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. But her father said no when she asks to go Hollywood. ”daddy can we all go to Hollywood tomorrow.” Tomorrow there is a holiday so that mean there is no school. ” Admire I thought, if  there’s no school tomorrow and i am free and your mum is always free then I have good news. We are going to Hollywood tomorrow.”Her farther said.

” really we are going to Hollywood”Admire screemed.

”yes we are going there” father started to get excited.

” ok so we are going to Hollywood tomorrow that means we have to get the tickets and we have to get our luggage’s ready,but should we go there tomorrow or should we go the day after that.” Her dad said

”i would prefer the day after that because i need to get out the luggage’s and take out our things and your dad have to get the tickets booked.” her mum preferred.

”but mummy” admire got upset little bit.

”no  Admire we are going the day after that ok” her mum interrupted.

”ok so that means we are going to hollywood the day after that, but we don’t know because  we don’t have the tickets yet so what i am going to do is call the travel sight ask if there is seats for us so we can go to Hollywood. is that alright guys.” her dad said it like her was the teacher of the whole class.

”yes” Admire yelled.

”yes” her mum yelled as well. They packed there thing and drives to the airport and flew to Hollywood. They arrived safely and went on a taxi and got drives to there hotel called the ”Sandy Hotel”. In Sandy Hotel there were a swimming pool and a massive and yummy restaurant. So they first went to the swimming pool and then went to the restaurant because they were so hungry.to be continued.




BEST TWO WEEKS. (warning extra long)

These two weeks were the best time of my off-school time. The first thing was that my friends came over for a really long  time it was very fun then i had a triple sleep over it started by me going to one friend after an other friend came over to the first one were  i was and he invited us to to his house but then my first friend said why dont we do a sleep over at my house his parents said yes so we first went to the park played tag came back and played on his ps4 to the rest of the day. The next day we waited till ten for my over friend’s dad to pick us up to his house it was not that war so it was fast to get there it was not that fun but my second friend liked parks so we went to the park it was really big but not as fun it only had trees so went back and saw their husky it was really cute and cuddly and it had really light blue eyes we spent most of the time with it (but the one thing i did not say is that the person i have been before in had brang his ps4 to the second person and played on it) <then we played on the ps4 it was getting dark so the person we were at asked hi parents can we stay over the night there and so we did. the next day we woke up we saw the husky waiting at the door so we stood up and played with it and at around 6 pm my dad came to pick me up but then both of the friends beged on there knees can they come to my house again for a sleep over all i said is o my god because i was tired of sleep overs but my dad said they can come it will be too long if i’ll tell you we done there so i will just skip to my birth day it was actualy not as planed i actualy got a computer insted of going to a theme park but i did not invite any one because the cost of getting every thing ready would cost too much and thats it till today so bye for now.

Computing 1




My favourite shows/movies by Mahi

  • austin and ally
  • jessie
  • liv and Maddie
  • kc undercover
  • i didn’t do it
  • the Thundermans
  • bunked
  • taarak mehta ka oolath chashmah (hindi programe)
  • hotel traslyvania
  • hotel tanslyvania 2
  • evermoor
  • evermoor chronical
  • inside out
  • home
  • the grinch
  • Alvin and the chipmunks
  • good luck charlie
  • sonny with a charlie
  • frozen
  • cinderella
  • arial
  • Aladdin
  • snow white

My favourite books

My favourite book of all is GIRL ONLINE , GIRL ONLINE ON TOUR. In school there is a library and in our class we have a book corner. My favourite book in the library is THE BOY IN THE DRESS and the author is David William. My favourite book in the book corner is THE TWITS and the author of the book is ROAILD DAHL.

The Zombie Apocalype Part One By Samuel

Long, Long, ago a terrible thing happened to Reading a apocalypse happened, all the people were dead but there was one man who survived his name was Jake he was only 26 years old he had a sidekick which was a dog named buster.Them two was the only one that survived but that was what they thought one day they woke up in there Barricaded house they had a nice munch of Chocolate bar And gave some dog food to buster and they set off to the adventure to kill some zombies and check for food/survivors.After 15 minutes of killing zombies they found a crossbow in a abandoned house,and they found another dog called Tom So they added tom to they journey Buster and Tom got along with each other,And Jake,and Buster also Tom found a survivor called Rose,She had a wounded arm.So Jake took Rose To there house and Jake fixed her arm and they all felt going to sleep so Jake and Rose slept in separated beds and Buster and Tom Slept next to each other. To be Continued…









What I like to do when I am Bored! By Samuel!

1. Go park with my friends.

2. Go to people’s house’s.

3. Play my Ipad.

4. Watch Movie’s.

5. Play my PS3.

6. Read Book’s.

7. Eat.

8. Chat with people on the Internet.

9. Watch TV Programme’s.

10. Sleep.

So that is it for this post I hope you liked it and Bye!

Internet Searching Quiz

Answers to each question must be in full sentences as a comment.

  1. How many people live in New York?
  2. Who scored goals in the 1982 FIFA World Cup final?
  3. What was the name of London in Roman times?
  4. Name the 7 main stars in the constellation Orion.
  5. What is Uluru?
  6. How many players in a Rugby League team?
  7. What is a marsupial?
  8. What colours are on the United Nations flag?
  9. What do Americans call a water tap?
  10. What are the key ingredients of Marzipan?
  11. Where would you find the Forbidden City?
  12. What is the name of Batman’s butler?
  13. What and when is Hanukkah?
  14. What is a 32 sided shape called?
  15. Who was the first man in space?
  16. What is the national emblem of New Zealand?
  17. Who wrote the book David Copperfield?
  18. What animal appears on the Seal of the President of the United States?
  19. What port is at the mouth of the Yarra River?
  20. What is the day before Good Friday called?
  21. Who is Wayne Gretzsky?
  22. What is STD dialling code for Brighton?
  23. Where would you find Mount McKinley?
  24. What is the common name for Orcinus Orca?
  25. Who is the current Prime Minister of Poland?



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Reminder …. a good comment should be


We are going to disneyland! part 2

To be continue

    Has they arrived at Paris the first thing Mahi said…..

” wow, look mum look at the panorama it is amazing.”Mahi was amazed.

” yes, I have to agree with you the panorama is amazing.”mum said.

”ok, after we got our bags we will go to our hotel it that clear.”dad strictly said.When we arrived to our hotel we went to sleep.

”mum dad brother wake up we do want to go disneyland do we.” that all got ready and the first thing they saw was the sight of disneyland.

” look mum look at disneyland if the sight is amazing then how would it be when we go inside disneyland” Mahi was shocked

” look dad the disneyland sign is amazing lets go inside.” the brother said it loudly. when they went inside the first thing Mahi felt like she was a princess that was arriving at the palace. ”wow disneyland look amazing wow dad mum lets go to the ride.”

”look disneyland looks awesome isn’t it dad.” her brother was shocked. They went on the the rides and one of the ride was like it was going to space. They ate lunch and went to other rides and Mahi and her bother and mum and dad got tired. After that they walked to there hotel and went to sleep. They woke up and got ready.”mum lets go to disneyland and have some fun.” they walked to disneyland and again they all went to all the rides. They ate there lunch and got tired again and travelled by a taxi to go to there. It had been two days since they have been in there hotel and they are going back to England and go to school again. The end bye

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O.R.S.A Mission 2 Session 2

I only put this on the year 5 blog because I realised that people from my class also want to read this as well, so I thought : were better place to put it than here? So here we go – my O.R.S.A journal ! (in the wrong place). Today we were investigating how light travels in straight lines . In addition, we also found out which colour lets out the most light (to be more specific – torch light) – red ,yellow or blue . First off, we built 4, 6 lego brick tall walls and used them to make a obstacle course, we then got out 4 mirrors and placed them into position. Then, we shone the light at mirror 1 and saw if the light got through to the screen at the end of the obstacle course (to be more specific – some blue card). At the end of the experiment, we concluded that we can change light’s course using mirrors.

After the end of the first experiment we got on with the second one – to see which colour lets through the most light – red yellow or blue. First, we got out three different coloured colour panels (if you don’t know which colour go up one line and read it) and then put some paper (which had writing on it) on a wall. Then we got our colour panels and put it in front of our torch ( the same one which had been used in the last experiment ) – oh yes I forgot to say, we put the torch on before we put the colour panels over it and then tried to read the writing . At the end of the experiment, we knew that it was safe to say that yellow let out the most light. And then that was pretty much it, the last session of O.R.S.A , mission 2 – done.

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9 things to do when your bored

1 watch TV.

2 read a book.

3 play playstation.

4 play xbox one .

5 go to the park .

6 do blogging .

7 play with your pet .

8 play whit a sibling .

9 play in the garden.

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World Book Day 2016

World Book DayMarch 3rd was World Book Day – can you blog post about your favourite book? What made you like it – I could read my favourite book over and over and over again … in fact I have!

My favourite book is The Princess Bride by William Goldman, what is yours? Write a blog post and we will add a picture of the book cover to your post too.

Princess Bride





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What I did in the holidays By Samuel!

Hi and I am going to write for this post that you are reading is about what I did in the holidays (Title gives it away) So I hope you enjoy!

First,one of them were me going to the park with my friends I had a really fun time by the way.

Secondly,I went shopping with my family we bought clothes,food,and Video games.

Thirdly,I went over to my friends house to play (like Rohids,and minshoks house) it was fun we played on the ps3.

and that is it I didnt do much sadly but i hope you enjoyed and Peace!✌

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The visitor

A cool visitor came to school, it was a fames animator named Andrew Thompson. He animated lots of movies like transformers and lots of aver movies ,he came and told us about super heroes and the game named  need for speed 1 and 2 it is a car game. He told us how  he animated and that he really enjoys it Then I drew my own super hero. Andrew Thompson is  very good at drawing and animating. he is the first animator I have ever seen. He drew a face within 30 seconds. I rely enjoy the day. by oliwier

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What we did with Andrew Thompson By Samuel and Karl!

Today someone called Andrew Thompson came in to our school to teach us about drawing, animation , how he became good at it and about how he became famous.First of all, we went to his assembly where he showed us clips of and about his animations and how he became an animator (basically his animating life story). The clips showed us his work from movies and games like Harry Potter, Narnia , Where The Wild Things Are, Doctor Who , a Transformers game and even  EA where he worked on Need For Speed crash mechanics.

We also did some drawings about superhero’s (also female superhero’s).First of all we had to draw the person next to us (mine was Karl and mine was Samuel) plus we only had 1:30 Seconds to do it. Aft r that, he taught us drawing techniques and things. He taught us how to draw comical things and superheroes. Next,we drew our own superheroes ( I called mine Magma Man and Samuel didn’t name his). Then it was time for lunch and Andrew left . We had a fun time about drawing and learning . Thank you for reading!


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Andrew Thompson By Pawan

Today Andrew Thompson came to our school and he told us everything he has done, he has done games such as, Need For Speed 1 and 2, he has worked for Disney and he had done Peter pan, Harry Potter, Enchanted and even Transformers.

In assembly, he told us that someone had said he can’t do animation when he was small and then he proved them wrong. He says that he’s got a baby and now has a family.

We done a workshop with him and he taught us some amazing art skills. He gave us a tricky challenge, draw the person next to you under 1 minute, my one wasn’t that bad.He said try to draw a super hero my one was called TAZERLING.

It was a really fun time.

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At 11:15 Andrew came to our school to show us amazing art work and we got taut how to draw cool and amazing piece if art work

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What we did with Andrew Thompson

What we did with Andrew Thompson

In his assembly he showed us some clips of films that he animated on. After that we saw him do some actions of his animations. Next, he showed us another video to end the assembly. Then after break we went upstairs to year 6 classroom and we had a workshop going on. When we had our workshop in year 6 classroom Andrew Thomson told us that we had to draw the person  next to you. Then we sat down while he was showing us that we have 8 and a 1 /2 heads in our body. Later, we saw him showing us how to draw a good model head.  Finally we got to draw our own super heroes and they look EPIC (according to him and us !)

From Skye and Mahi Bye! : )

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Andrew Thompson came to visit our school


Today,Andrew Thompson came to visit our school , and  did a long assembly and showed us all his work and animation projects.

After that, he showed us how to make and draw our own superheroes.

Here are some of the tips he told us :

  1. For the face draw a line down and two lines across to help us with the positions of our superheroes facial features.
  2. He showed us to draw circles to help us with the body proportions .
  3. Also he told us to go over with another colour .
  4. Another thing is to let your imagination run wild and be creative .
  5. Make sure you know if it’s a goody or a baddy.

with help from Joanne

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Today a amazing animator came to our school today his name was Andrew Thompson. First we came to the hall and he introduced himself and he showed us some awesome videos about Harry Potter, Transformers and lose of other videos. Next, he drawed  some pictures about what he did in his life but we had to go to break because it was 11:00 clock. After, break year 4 and year 5 went to year 6 to learn more about Andrew Thompson. He showed us some pictures of superheroes Batman, Superman, Iron man and Wolverine. Then he drawed some super cool pictures then he told us to create our own superhero and mine was called zori it was really fun I hope he comes back again!

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Andrew Thompson came to our school!!!

I call this the best day ever! So in the morning ,me my class went to an assembly and watched videos from ANDREW THOMPSON ! After that ,me and my class finished of our learning and went to break then, we came back up stairs and grabbed a pencil from our classroom. next, we went to the other classroom and drew our own SUPERHERO .                           We surely had lots of fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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At 11:15 to half past 12 we was in y6 class we was looking out all sort of Andrew Thompson’s  drawings they were all amazing and fantastic we all enjoyed it even Andrew Thompson.





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Andy Thompson’s Workshop By Marriyah and Bryan

Today a famous animator came to  our school and taught us about animation . In assembly he talked  about how he started animation. When he was  young he was told he could not Work for  Disney but later on in his life  he worked for Disney. First, he worked with the two Year 3  classes then the year 4 and 5 classes. He showed us  superheroes and after that  we had to draw the person next to us in one minute. When we were finished  he showed us how to draw a better superhero it took him about 20 minutes  we then went of and drew our own superhero. Our Workshop was from the end  of break till the beginning of lunch.

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Andrew Thompson’s workshop By Paula and Scarlet

Today, a famous animator named Andrew came and he did a cool assembly. And he showed us all the films has animated in and he showed us a funny video of him being the princess from Enchanted. Next, He showed us how to be a character by walking in their style of attitude. Then, he took us upstairs to year six and showed us the basics of how to draw a face, then, the Basic’s, of Body and feet. Then we had to draw the person next to us in A minute. Then, we found out that a body is 8 heads tall so we got shown how to draw how to draw a body. Then, he showed us how to draw arms and legs with joints so they look more realistic. Finally, we had to draw our own super heroes Paula’s was called Twilight sparkle and mine was called Miss. Ninja they didn’t really turn out that well but anyway it was great fun.


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Andrew Thompson was here!!!

Hello I am going to talk about Andrew Thompson. The celebrated Andrew Thompson showed us a lot of things like most of the shows he animated. We saw a video that he was acting as a girl. I never knew he made that much animations they were cool. He  made animations in Peter Pan, Need For Speed, Transformers, Harry Potter, Iron Man and more! This is what happened in assembly.

But this is not it, we all so had a workshop. He taught us how to draw really good. First, we drew the person next to us in 1 minute! Then, we drew our own super hero that we made. And we got a copy of a animated Super Hero that he made and he signed it.

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Our visit from Andy Thompson

Today, we got a visit from Andy Thompson. To most people he is well known for working on animations for Harry potter, Transformers and Iron man. He told us about where he started from and helped us draw superheroes. We also got to make are own super heroes and heroines. In addition , he told us that you should never waste paper because it comes from trees. In assembly he made both the year 3 classes laugh (we have quite a lot of year 3 students).

By Nevaeh and Affan

Cool Comic Workshop


Today a famous author came to our school. His name is Andrew Thompson. He is very well known around the world, and mostly likes to teach children and adults about super hero’s and learning how to draw your own superhero. He has done many animations in different movies like Harry Potter,Tinkle Bell and many others.




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